At the Edge of Paradise

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At the Edge of Paradise

It wasn't enough to live forever, 
frolicking in the Garden of Eden. 
Created from the void 
with no guarantee beyond immortality, 
No knowledge. 
No fear. 
Rumors, mutterings 
that somewhere beyond the massive, guarded walls, 
outside the backyard where The Creator 
ventured for an afternoon stroll, 
enjoying the nakedness, 
the bare-assed joy 
of those creatures breathed to life out of thin air, 
universal existence conjured up with a six-day trick. 

But beyond the sacred precincts 
were cries heard in moments of silence 
in the night, where it was still party time, 
all the time--and you know the Creator 
savored that creation, the first of its kind 
during this cycle of light and dark, 
of void, of bits of dirt and air 
scooped up and squeezed into being. 
Horrible sounds, those cries in the night, 
not understood, but raising hair, 
making tears that stained 
cheeks of eternal youth. 

But no one in the universe can refuse 
what they have been told 
they should not do. 
"Just what are we missing, here?" 
So the apple was bit, 
fangs sinking into sweet flesh. 
"Oh, my god! What snake is that!" 
"The one which wants to crawl into that hole!" 
Suddenly, it all made sense, 
but there were questions. 
"What else is there?" 

Now, facing the outside world, 
Lord Adam and Lady Eve, 
waiting for the boot of Eternal Power 
to kick their buttocks, 
to propel them into 
the whirlpool of life and death, 
the eventual slaughters of their descendants 
caught on barbed wire, cut down 
by machine guns, then, 
a blink later, gassed in ovens, 
burned to ashes by the millions. 
Still waiting for the answers 
to questions of knowledge. 
Waiting for the ultimate weapon 
which will change everything. 
Deeper in the silence 
where we find everything and nothing. 

"Monkey! Monkey! My Love Monkey! 
"Swing with me from tree to tree! 
"Hang with me in the gentle breeze! 
"Oh, furry little guy and gal! 
"I'm your pal! I'm your pal! 
"Monkey, buddy! 
"Drop that banana! 
"Drop it! 
"Poor dead monkey! 
"May your soul rest 
"At the edge of Paradise!”