The Story

"Postcards from Musicland” began with postcards from...a small antique shop. There were several boxes of postcards from nearly every state in the Union. Most had stamps and the date on which they were mailed. Most were older than 50 years, and some were more than a hundred years old.

Many of the cards were sent by family. They asked about the people left behind. They talked about finding work and any problems encountered. Some were about love and some about the weather.

About 1,800 years ago, Roman soldiers were garrisoned along Hadrian’s Wall, in Northern England. Being so close to the “barbarians” just north of that wall didn’t stop these troops from enjoying such luxuries as oysters brought by wagon from a coast which was many miles away. Also, being in this Roman-populated wilderness didn’t prevent the celebration of birthdays. We know because documents written in ink on thin slices of wood (the original postcards?) have been unearthed from an airtight mud preserving shopping lists and other plans for parties held nearly 2,000 years ago.

From the various postcards, those more recent or from long ago, we can be reassured that the human condition is more or less unchanged. Yet, the ongoing longevity of the world, at least that part of it containing the elements of life, seems more and more to be succumbing to long-term damage.

Since about 2005, the Liberty Yell essay series has produced more than 200 essays in favor of greater freedom, peace, justice, and the strengthening of our will to fight to save the only home we have.

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