WYOMING: Post Office Mailing Letters to Forever

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WYOMING: Post Office Mailing Letters to Forever

We have adjusted ourselves, very well, 
to the role of killer. 
When we starve, 
we kill or go hungry. 
Maybe we kill in self defense. 
Idiots sometimes kill, 
under orders, for the sake of 
a laughing god, 
a god falling on the floor 
with legs kicking high into the air, 
barely able to breath, 
as some human intones, 
"I will kill, now, in the name of 
"(fill in the blank).

WYOMING: Post Office Mailing Letters to Forever

"I take a life in the name of 
"greed, probably not even my own, 
"but for those people who will 
"turn a profit from my sweat and blood, 
"from my nightmares."

How violently we go 
into that good night. 
After a centuries-long costume party. 
All those lovely uniforms. 
All those clothes that enhance 
the already beautiful beauty 
of girls and women. 
The insane division of people 
from other people. 
"You're not from around here." 
may be a deadly challenge. 

Astronaut Rusty Schweikart took a walk in space and wrote 
that the earth, surrounded by the vast darkness of the universe, 
contains everything which is and has ever been, "everything 
that means anything to you," and all of it, "that little blue and white thing," can be covered by your thumb. 

We have sent signals 
into the cosmic thing and no thing, 
that still invisible, theoretical something. 
Inside our marble hearts, 
inside our hearts from brass and bullets, 
from swords and shields, 
we melt back into 
the counting hours of the dust, 
the seconds contained in the particles 
of ground from which we stare, 
with and without the eyes to see, 
that way beyond, that way before, 
that single moment of now 
cried by those here, 
in their passion, and 
in the even greater glory 
of that love from which 
both hope and disaster are derived. 

I remember you 
because I was 
the one you loved, 
and the one who loved you. 
I shall never disappear 
thank you to the immortal moment 
of being here with even 
a single flickering 
of my heart, 
my hand gentle, 
my lips with 
these words touching your lips, 
my lips with 
those words touching your lips 
in silence, while saying everything, 
so much understood and mystifying.