MAINE: Peak's Wall

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MAINE: Peak's Wall

It is from the mundane 
that the amazing rises
to seek vengeance on boredom. 
A small child toddling by the sea 
with mom and big brother 
sprouts bat wings and must be 
held down from the sky. 
The same is true for our everyday 
civilization sprouting miracles 

MAINE: Peak's Wall

which eventually cycle back 
to boredom, so that 
the only acceptable progress 
is that which amazes us, 
leads us to believe we have 
finally solved every age-old question 
with new hearts installed, 
3-D movie wrist phones, 
mechanical mechanical mechanical 
mechanical sex organs playing 
with all the drama of multiple 
pipes shooting rockets to the moon. 
Target Universe! Look out! 
Here come the technologically advanced, 
intelligence enhanced super men and 
their magical women in push up bras, 
winning the ancient battle against gravity. 

Goodbye, earth. Goodbye. 
We knew you well, but not well enough 
to love you. 
You were our sticking point, 
but now we are becoming unstuck 
and waiting to fly away 
like a small child with bat wings 
strolling near a beach in 1911 
and never knowing what wonders 
he might live to see. 

These speeding centuries, 
sea road along the passage of time, 
ocean drops in tiniest matter 
liquid as seconds becoming 
their infinitely divided fractions. 
From fire on a hot stick ignited 
by lightning from the god hand 
hiding in the sky, to the rockets' blast 
casting some of our DNA 
into the air, dong-shaped vehicle 
pushing aside the atmosphere 
leading to eternity. 

It all began with a slice of dirt, 
someplace with a temperature 
conducive to heating what was 
waiting to come to life 
in that moment perhaps 
millions of years 
in a future where 
wealth would be sought 
with a hunger to do more than remain 
with eyes open, breath moving 
in lungs, brain bathed 
in the same chemicals 
hungered for by the same mouth 
attached to speak 
the Blessed Name with reverence, 
swearing with pleasure, 
muttering, cheating, murdering, 
without realizing such nearness to 
the never-ending spark.